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The B110 series is recognised as the first volume selling model in the UK and contributed to most of the sales of Datsun cars in the early 70’s. When it was joined by the smaller FWD Cherry, it would have helped establish Datsun to become the biggest importer of cars. The Datsun 1200 was the direct replacement for the previous 1000 model and carried over some of the previous cars mechanics with a stroked out 1171cc engine and new front suspension. The new model was imported into the UK with all available body styles, including the 4 door saloon, estate, coupe and a 2 door saloon. The GX version of the coupe and saloon was introduced in the latter half of 1970, which featured twin carburetors, improved instrument binnacle and disc brake enhancements. The final body was introduced in late 1971, a versatile 5 door estate version with the unusually short lived addition of the 2 door in early 1973.

b110_41973 UK spec 4 door Datsun 1200

Capatilising on the same virtues as the previous 1000 Sunny, its easy to drive nature, generous equipment, uncluttered styling and now well established dealer network attracted lots of new customers. They were also popular with driving schools and many were used as first cars for many people well into the 80’s. Its success was assured across world, the car was durable, cleanly styled and used the well proven A series engines. It was helped by the fact it was the cheapest and most economical car in the States.

 b110_21973 UK spec 2 door Datsun 1200
 b110_coupe1971 UK spec Datsun 1200 coupe
 b110_estateUK spec Datsun 1200 estate

The higher spec domestic only model, the JDM Sunny Excellent versions were also available with L14 engines. The model series was known as the PB110 as they had longer noses to accomodate the 510 radiators and available with plusher kit and trim. As well as higher spec domestic models, Datsun also showed an example of a rotary engined Sunny in 1973, based around a PB110 coupe, but none where officially sold. The 1200 became obsolete in the UK in the autumn of 1973, following the introduction of the very successful 120Y, but some markets continued local production well into 1974 and the pick-up (which wasn’t officially imported into the UK) continued production in several countries (as the B120/B140 series) up until 2008.

 pb1101973 JDM spec Datsun 1400 Brochure
 b110_pickupDatsun 1200 pick up

Model History

Sunny 1200 (1970-1973)
A12 4 Cylinder 1171cc OHV
2 door saloon, 4 door saloon, 5 door estate, 3 door coupe
May 1970
4 door saloon introduced into the UK.
October 1970
2 door coupe introduced into the UK
October 1971
4 door estate introduced into the UK
Mid 1973
2 door saloon introduced into the UK
September 1973
All models discontinued