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Introduced to replace the relatively unknown C30 series, some components and engines had been carried over. Initially sold in both coupe and saloon were both imported with the Prince designed and developed G20 series 2 litre engines, which were not shared with any other UK Datsun model. At the time it was the policy for a Datsun UK to import a coupe version, so the saloon was complemented by a fixed head coupe option but the car was a slow seller (partly due to its high cost) and imports were dropped in 1975 having sold just 303 examples in the UK. The coupe model was never officially available with the L series engines in the UK, although one is known to have been imported. Datsun UK sold 2118 examples of the G series engined cars (compared to the 4728 of the L series engined cars), distinguishable by a different grill and skinnier wheels. The much needed installation of the new L series 6 cylindered 1998cc arrived in the spring of 1975 with no loss to fuel consumption, this resulted in the temporary discontinuation of both the 240K GT Skyline and 260C saloons as a rationalisation of the larger Datsun imports in the UK.

c130_1UK spec 1975 Datsun 200L
c130_5UK spec 1975 Datsun 200L
c130_2UK spec 1973 Datsun 200L coupe
c130_4UK spec 1973 Datsun 200L coupe

As demonstrated in the UK range, Datsun had produced several large 4 door cars in the same size sector and in its home market the Laurel had been offered with engine sizes ranging from a 1.8 litre to a 2.8 model. This was fairly typical of both Datsun and Toyota as their owners would have a specific allegiance to a certain model. Typically a bewildering number of versions and trims were available in Japan but European exports had been rationalised to sensible options (usually no more than 2 – the GL and SGL versions) of trims and engines. UK models were imported with 2 different style grills, with the coupe featuring its own unique design.

Norwegian spec 200L with early grill

Model History

Laurel 200L (1972-1975)
G Series 4 Cylinder 1990cc OHC
4 door saloon, 2 door coupe
Laurel Six (1975-1977)
L Series 6 Cylinder 1990cc OHC
4 door saloon
October 1972
4 door saloon launched in the UK, as the 4 cylindered 2 litre 200L
February 1973
2 door coupe launched in the UK
March 1974
Saloon now called the GL, new grill and interior changes. Coupe retains its 200L badge, now special order only
March 1975
6 Cylinder 2 litre engine introduced. Known as 200L Six
September 1975
200L Coupe and Saloon discontinued
July 1977
Saloon 200L Six discontinued