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The C230 was essentially a rebodied version of the previous car with different rear coil suspension, with a more square rigged design. It was still influenced by American styling, suited to Japanese executive conservatism rather than the more progressive European styling. First models carried over the 1998cc 6 cylinder engines and was joined by a re-bored 2.4 Litre engine in 1979. The coupe version was not officially imported into the UK, but four 2 door coupe versions were known to have been shipped by Datsun UK for type approval evaluation. The more upmarket 2.4 litre was introduced in 1979 a few months after the similar engined C210 240K GT Skyline coupe, Datsun UK may have concluded that the Skyline coupe would compliment the 4 door C230 Laurel in the line up. Both models have similar underpinnings and both cars would have been developed by the same (ex Prince) team. Somewhat typically, the motoring press largely ignored the car making the assumption that it bore much of the same character traits (and positive attributes) as other large RWD Datsuns.

 c230_2UK spec 1978 Datsun 200L
 c230_3UK spec 1980 Datsun 240L

As before no estate versions were ever produced, with Nissan considering that it may affect the saloons luxury image aspirations. The RWD C230 Laurel models continued until mid 1981, by which time European competition had started to switch to FWD layouts. The Laurel models were however sold on their established attributes, ride comfort, equipment, mechanical durability and ease of maintenance, which were still appreciated throughout the world. As a result diesel engines were also offered, including European markets but not available to UK buyers.

 c230_coupeJDM spec Datsun 240L coupe

Model History

Laurel 200L Six (1977-1981)
L series 6 Cylinder 1998cc OHC
4 door saloon
Laurel 240L Six (1979-1981)
L 6 Cylinder 2393cc OHC
4 door saloon
October 1977
200L Six 2.0 litre 4 door saloon introduced
February 1979
Facelift known as the MKII, distinguished by squarer grill and twin rectangular headlamps
May 1979
2.4 Laurel Six introduced
May 1981
Discontinued. Replaced by C32 Laurel