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The Skyline name had gained a positive reputation in Japan initially for the Skyline racing pedigree, which helped make the car hugely successful in Japan. The design work had been carried out in house by Shinichiro Sakurai who was also responsible for much of Nissans motor racing development. However by the time this 3rd generation of Skyline was launched, Nissan pulled the Skyline out of competitive track racing but it’s reputation was firmly ingrained in the buyers minds and Nissan eventually sold 800,000 C110 models, which at that point accounted for over half of all the skyline models produced. Its distinctive twin rear lamps, twin carburettors and high hipped coke bottle styling created an attractive sporting appearance and gave it a favourable muscle car presence. The car was available in several bodyshapes in Japan, including a 4 door saloon, a coupe and estate/van models all of which were never officially imported into the UK. Like the similarly sized C130 Laurel models (which also started as a PMC model) the model featured a huge level of trims and engine sizes, with options of a 1.6 litre model up to a high performance GTR models featuring in the ranges. Export models were badged differently to JDM examples in an attempt to simplify the model designations, engine size nomenclatures of 160K, 180K, 200K and 240K were used.

 c110UK spec 1974 Datsun 240K Skyline 4 door
 c110_1UK spec rear light detail

The C110 arrived in the UK in mid 1973, according to press releases of the time to complement the 240Z. The car in theory could be seen as a 4 door version of their successful Z model, in truth only the detuned engine was the connection between the two. UK Road tests at the time praised the usual virtues of equipment and refinement but like many early 70’s Datsuns wasn’t viewed in the same light as European sports saloons. Given the reputation and sporting pedigree of the Skyline models, this was a damning indictment and the potential to push the brand towards enthusiasts drivers were lost. Datsun UK had decided to remove the single trim model Skyline from the line up in 1975 and decided to essentially replace the car with the Laurel six, which used a new smaller 6 cylindered engine. Just 2720 examples where registered on UK roads and was one of the rare instances where the model was deleted from the UK range prior to the end of production. The model continued in Japan until 1977 replaced by the C210. The UK had to wait until 1979 before the Skyline name would appear again in the UK line up.

 c110_4JDM Datsun Skyline 2000GT 4 door
 c110_3JDM Datsun Skyline 2000 GT-X coupe
 c110_2JDM Datsun 1600 Skyline estate

Model History

Skyline 240K GT (1973-1975)
L Series 6 Cylinder 2393cc OHC
4 door saloon
June 1973
4 door saloon only launched in the UK, gearbox options available
January 1975
anti-dieseling solenoid on carburetor
December 1975