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Skyline 240K GT

After a brief absence on the British market, the Skyline name returned to the showrooms in 1979. It carried the same engine and mechanical set up as the previous generation, with refinements, suspension upgrade and engine updates and all round disc brakes. Datsun UK decided to only bring the 2 door coupe version to the UK, as that model matched complimented the recently imported 4 door Laurel Six saloon. Both cars were very similar, sharing floorpans, engines and market sector. The Skyline’s natural European competitors, such as the Capri where considered far sporting in their appeal, while the Skyline (like the Z had now become) was more of a well equipped luxury cruiser offering unique driver gimmicks, such as a washer/rear wiper (unusual on notchback cars). The car had a minor facelift in 1980, now sporting square headlamps, just 205 of these models were imported. Initial sales were comparitively good with 2349 UK sales, but the car was already 2 years old when released in the UK and sales had tailed off by its final 1981 import year. By the end of the car life, it had lost its 240K GT tag and became, in line with the rest of the range simply known by its name.

 c210_4UK spec 1979 Datsun 240K GT
 c210_1UK spec 1980 Datsun 240K GT

As before, only one trim version was available in the UK, sparing Datsun UK of a bewildering line up and overlapping models (some where available with L16 engines) but the Skyline was now available with fuel injection. The replacement R30 models, were launched in August 1981 but Datsun UK decided against importing the car, perhaps discouraged by the gradual decline of sales of Datsun coupes. Both the C210 and 910 coupes were discontinued within a year of each other – a sign that the fashions were changing, with people seeking smaller FWD hot hatchbacks for their kicks. Much of Europe didn’t import the saloon version of the Skyline, and the estate version was rarely seen outside of Japan.

 c210_2JDM Datsun Skyline saloon
 c210_3JDM Datsun Skyline estate

Some European countries imported the S110 Silvia/Gazelle coupes to provide some sporting element (which also became the basis of Nissan main rally car ) but the UK had to wait for the S12 Silvia models to arrive in late 1984. By the time the Skyline name reappeared in the official Nissan UK line up for a brief period in late 90’s, the Skylines image as a performance machine had been well established which had a positive knock on effect for all of the previous incarnations.

Model History

Skyline 240K GT (1979-1981)
L Series 6 Cylinder 2393cc OHC
2 door coupe
January 1979
2 door coupe launched in the UK, gearbox options available
February 1980
Grill and headlamp changes, interior improvements, rear suspension and steering modifications
August 1981