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The new generation of Cedric models, now badged as the 240C was available as a saloon in the UK, with an estate model following comparitively late in the models lifespan, a strange decision given the sole importation of the 130 estate in previous years. The estate also featured the novelty of an extra pair of fold up seats for children in the boot, which would have created plenty of showroom appeal. The engine displacement had now grown to 2.4 litres (hence the 240C designation) which was a detuned unit as used in the Z and the Skyline. Sales of the car would have been limited by the fact that only the larger dealers sold this model, and the fierce competition in the image conscious medium-large luxury car market including competition within the Datsun range would have hampered any success of the car in the UK. A combined import number with the later 330 series of about 7,000 registrations illustrates a reasonable demand for these uncomplicated but tough, handsome and well equipped cars.

 230_3UK Spec 1971 240C Saloon

The 240C was introduced into the UK as the company was gaining huge sales and confidence in the UK. The 240C would have taken a reasonable number of sales from the European competition, perhaps owners who might have considered the larger Vauxhalls or Rootes models. Sales were helped by the lavish equipment, mechanical refinement and comfort of the design. European cars in the same market segment, including American multinationals like GM and Ford were designing their cars for European roads conditions and driving styles and this showed up some shortcomings in the Cedric. The truth was that the Japanese were not particularly adverse to road handling or driver dynamics, but would design the car around comfort as domestic versions of the Cedric spent much of their time in slow moving traffic in built-up areas, this may well explain why a reasonable percentage of large Japanese cars were sold as taxi’s across the world.

 230_2UK Spec 1974 260C Saloon
230_4 UK Spec 1974 260C Estate

The replacement for the 240C, the 260C was identical but now featured the bigger 2.6 litre engine. Datsun also offered a wider range of engine configurations to other markets including a diesel, some examples were sold on mainland Europe due to the cheaper price of diesel. A coupe version was also sold in Japan but never officially imported into the UK. Along with the replacement 330 models, surviving numbers are low due to the lower import numbers and its demand as a banger racer.

 230_5JDM spec Cedric Coupe

Model History

Cedric 240C (1971-1972)
L Series 6 Cylinder 2393cc OHC
4 door saloon
Cedric 260C (1972-1976)
L Series 6 Cylinder 2565cc OHC
4 door saloon, 5 door estate
October 1971
4 door saloon 240C launched in the UK
October 1972
Engine upgraded to 2565cc, subsequent model badged as 260C, same trim and styling
October 1974
260C 5 door estate introduced
January 1975
anti-dieseling solenoid on carburetor
December 1975
260C Discontinued