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Carrying over from the previous generation, the 260C cedric continue the flagship with further engine with the increased 2.6 litre engine. Looking more dated than the previous model, the car was released in the spring of 1976 with its heavy chrome bumpers and coke bottle hip line could be regarded as handsome but it was a huge contrast to the simpler leaner styling that were now influencing European design at the time. The estate was the sole model to be imported initially, with the saloon followed a year later. In late 1977, the engine size had grown to 2.8 litres and subsequently rebadged as the 280C.

 330_4UK Spec 1979 280C Saloon
 330_2UK Spec 280C Estate

Like previous generations of the cedric, the press were largely indifferent to the 260C/280C and often dismissed the whole Cedric range as an archaism as the car featured similar engineering to the previous generation. There might be some truth in this as compared to the smaller Datsun 200L of the era, the suspension set up was considerably antiquated. The majority were sales were by private owners with buyers swayed by its attractive standard equipment for the price, featuring a stereo cassette player and electric windows. Like all Cedric models, the car had an afterlife on the banger racer circuit, due to its mechanical simplicity and strength. The 330 series continued to be imported as late as 1980, with several examples still in the showrooms when the next generation appeared. In its home market two saloon models were produced, a hardtop pillarless saloon and a standard saloon with B pillar in place, typically with a multitude of different levels of trim. The hardtop pillarless Coupe models were also produced and like the saloon hardtop never officially imported, although there is one known example in the UK.

 330_1JDM Spec 1980 280C Coupe

Model History

Cedric 260C (1976-1977)
L Series 6 Cylinder 2565cc OHC
4 door saloon, 5 door estate
Cedric 280C (1977-1980)
L Series 6 Cylinder 2753cc OHC
4 door saloon, 5 door estate
April 1976
5 door estate 260C launched in the UK, with same engine as previous model
February 1977
4 door Saloon introduced in the UK
August 1977
260C discontinued
December 1977
New enlarged development of the L series engine installed in both saloon and estate, increasing the capacity to 2.8 litres. Now known as the 280C
March 1980
Discontinued, replaced by 430