Cherry (1979-1982)

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The same Prince development teams responsible for the previous models, also carried out the styling of this model. They used design cues from the C210 Skyline to maintain the Prince connection. Nissan also exported the N10 into the States (where it was badged as the 310) and like the previous F10 model, placed above the Sunny (sold there are the 210) in the model pecking order.

n10_3door1980 UK spec Datsun Cherry 3 door hatchback (non original hubcaps)

The replacement for the 100A/120A FII arrived in the UK in the spring of 1979, with a new cleaner angular style and for the first time on a FWD Datsun, a hatchback. The car had grown significantly but the pricing had remained keen, providing buyers with a reasonable pound per metal ratio. A full complement of body styles became available, a 3 and 5 door hatchback, a 1 litre only 4 door saloon (same styling as the hatchback but with a boot that was not accessible into the cabin), a 3 door 5 speed coupe and for the first time a 5 door estate model. The 3 door estate van version was not imported into the UK. The N10 underwent a facelift in March 1981, the earlier cars with round headlamps and metal bumpers, were replaced by square headlamps, a sloped grill and plastic bumpers.

n10_5door1981 UK spec Datsun Cherry 5 door hatchback (facelift)

There was some carry over from the previous model in terms of engines but suspension and mechanical elements were updated but there was very little visually in common with the original E10 100A Cherry, which had only been discontinued in the UK 18 months before. The car had now lost its 100A/120A tag in the UK (although retained in some parts of Europe) and became known and badged as the Cherry. Visually it looked like that Datsun were pushing the car into larger size sectors, with Ford Escort and Vauxhall Astra buyers in mind but would need to new range of bigger and cleaner engines to compete. As well as much needed new engines, the range also needed to become more appealing for exports markets, addressing the usual criticism of sombre interiors was met by the standard fitment of blue dashboards and seats. As a result of bringing the range into the 80’s, the 4 door saloon version was dropped in 1981 (the car was visually similar to a hatchback, it simply had a smaller boot aperture with no access to the cabin) when the arrival of a new series of E series engines were brought in, presumably as a test bed for the new generation of Cherries.

n10_coupe1981 UK spec Datsun Cherry Coupe

The coupe rear styling treatment had similar visual signs to the previous F10 model, but still noticeably ornate. The coupe model was at the time of release the cheapest 3 door coupe on the UK market, although it was by far the most expensive Cherry in the range. Datsun would marketed the coupe as a sporting hatchback, while it handled reasonably well, the 1.2 litre engine was not quick and the car really had no real sporting pretensions. What it did offer the public was a 5 speed gearbox, a rev counter and was typically well equipped.

 n10_wagon1980 UK spec Datsun Cherry Estate


Like the coupe, the Cherry had always featured an estate model, and for the first time offered the model with 5 doors, while not a big seller it illustrated the many body options Datsun imported into the UK, and asides from the far cheaper offerings from the Eastern Bloc, was the cheapest way of owning a new 5 door estate car. A 3 door van was also offered in parts of Europe but the Sunny van filled the small van criteria in the UK.

The range was becoming increasingly plusher, with the coupe gaining a 5 speed gearbox and various interior options seen on plusher models. The car was known as the Pulsar in some markets and for domestic luxury models, the model was badged Langley and sold exclusively through Nissan Prince shops.


cherry_langley 1981 JDM Datsun Pulsar Langley

Model History

Cherry 1.0, 1.2 (1979-1981)
A10 4 Cylinder 988cc OHV, A12 4 Cylinder 1171cc OHV
4 door saloon, 3 & 5 door hatchback, 5 door estate, 3 door coupe
Cherry 1.0, 1.3 (1981-1982)
E10 Series 4 Cylinder 988cc OHC, E13 4 Cylinder 1270cc OHC
3 and 5 door hatchback, 5 door estate, 3 door coupe
April 1979
Cherry 998cc 3 and 5 door hatchback, 4 door saloon, 5 door estate and 1171cc 3 door 5 speed gearbox coupe launched in the UK
March 1980
5 door launched with 1171cc engine
January 1980
Grill updated
June 1980
3 door hatchback and 5 door estate 1171cc launched in the UK, with the same equipment as previous models. 5 door saloon retains 988cc only option.
March 1981
4 door saloon and 5 door estate discontinued
March 1981
Revised range launched, consisting of 3 door 1.0 L and 1.0 GL hatchbacks, 3 and 5 door 1.2 GL hatchbacks, 5 door 1.2 GL estate and 3 door 1.2 GL coupe. Revised grill and headlamps, side trim and bumpers, instruments and interior changes.
October 1981
All models have a new OHC series of E Series 1.0 and 1.3 engines. 1.3 GL 5 door now available with automatic gearbox.
September 1982
Replaced by new N12 series