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The replacement model (known as the 810) for the 610 carried over the same range of bodies and engines as the previous generation of cars, but with a muted coke bottle styling to help bring the car into the 80’s. Strong sales continued, built up on the reputation of the previous models. The same range of L series engines, the 1595cc and 1770cc were offered in the UK with further interior features and refinements to help bring the car even closer to the Laurel, which it now overlapped in its home market. As before a 4 door saloon, 5 door estate and 2 door pillarless coupe were available. The Bluebirds main UK competitors came from the traditional and well proven Cortina and Marina models, but a new generation of FWD cars by Peugeot, Renault and Talbot were starting to make the mid sized range of Datsuns look dated in almost every respect. However, the cars were always strong sellers in the UK, their value for money and cheap running costs often being the main reason for its success. Total sales of the 810 were 45,096 with 20,469 L18 saloons, 14,692 L18 estates, 7206 L16 saloons and 2602 coupes.

 8101979 UK spec Datsun 160B
 810_11980 UK spec Datsun 180B estate
 810_21978 UK spec Datsun 180B SSS
 810_3Australian spec Datsun 200B

Various engine option were available in the cars home market, with 2 litre and 2.4 litre engine options also available for Australian, US and some Middle east areas. This allowed the Bluebird range to expand and feature more equipment and power for US markets (the 810 was the biggest saloon model for sale there) A new model, called the Maxima, was distinguishable due to the longer nose and different frontal treatment to accomodate the longer straight 6 L series engines.

Model History

Bluebird 160B (1977-1980)
L Series 4 Cylinder 1595cc OHC
4 door saloon
Bluebird 180B (1977-1980)
L Series 4 Cylinder 1770cc OHC
4 door saloon, 5 door estate, 2 door coupe
December 1977
4 door saloon 160B introduced
March 1977
5 door 180B estate introduced in the UK
June 1977
4 door 180B saloon and 2 door 180B SSS introduced in the UK
September 1978
Black end pieces to bumpers, known as MKII
May 1980
All models discontinued, replaced by 910 models